Saturday, November 26, 2011

After Car Accident Incident

Few days ago, my beloved was being kissed by a stranger. I am so SAD !!!!!! How can my babe being kissed by people other than me !!!! NOOOOO ~~~~ My babe not only kena kissed but also got kiss people's backside . Ish ~ Bad bad !!!!


I do no want to go too much details on the kissing part cuz it just happen how it normally will happen. 3 parties including myself invovled and everything was settled peacefully by making police report and my babe currently is now in the ward for the trauma treatment.

Things just do NOT end there.

On the next day, the stranger that my babe accidently kissed onto called me asking me to make compensation to him for causing him opportunity loss of income. Well, the first question that got into my mind is "How did he got my contact number". When I questioned him, he sounded threatened by telling my nick name and where I am working. I did not immediately promise to him to pay him as I already don't feel comfortable talking to him.

Then, the next day, he called again. As the night before I did some searching on information about insurance claim and I came to find out about that we can make a third party claim not only our car damages but also on compensation called "Compensation on Actual Repair" which actually allows to claim at a certain rate per day for the days where our car is at the workshop for repair. So, I did advised him on that.

Not later than half an hour, he called back again saying that the compensation is not enough to cover his loss. Once again, sounded threatened, saying he will make a police report saying he is being cheated or something like that. To me, I am legally not wrong because if I were to found wrong, the police would have issue a summon on me. But what I was worried more is not about the money he asked for, is how much do he know about me. Also, I refuse to pay because who can be assured of that he will not disturb me again after me paying him.

Although the amount he asked for wasn't a big sum, just RM150, but after talking to friends and family, I really shouldn't pay him. Simply again, I am legally not wrong.

Whatever it is, I just hope that he'll realise this and stop calling me.

Just want to share this out, so that to all my readers and friends could be more aware because in today's world, anything can just happen. Let's just be more vigilant and know our rights. I've learnt an important lesson here.

And on a side not, should I ever find out whoever reveal out my personal contact details to this person, I will definitely make a big havoc out of it !!! WATCH ME DOING THIS !!!!

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SiX FeeT JaSoN® said...

hey... hope everything will be alright there... :)

k@hy3@n said...

me hope so too .. thanks =))