Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Memories

Randomly I browsed through my blog archive ... Was reading at some of the posts .. The memories, the smiles, the sadness ... I couldn't believe myself that I actually is maintaining this blog since 2006 .. And now is already 2012, 6 years has pass behind me ...

As time continues to flow by, when I looked back, things that I share with everyone has gotten lesser and lesser ... I realise my blog has turn from a diary-liked post to travel cum photography post, which has way lesser of personal feelings of blog post ..

I once remember one of my lecturer mentor throw us this question, why is everyone maintaining a diary online and letting everyone know about your privacy .. Well, in year 2006, blogging is something very new and is a thing that you share only among your friends. It is also a way you share your ups and downs with the people that know you .. At that time, I blog because my circle of friends blog and is one way of how we communicate and kept in touch ..

Slowly, all has stop blogging on personal stuff and I myself too that I have turned to photography and travel blogging ... But I never ever once decide to limit the access of my archive because to me, this is the trail of my growth, the trail of maturity emotionally, physically maybe as well ..... xD Also, time has not been allowing me to do a full time blogging but as much as I can, I am still all out to share my personal feeling and thoughts, my personal experience in every single aspect of my life with everyone ...

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