Monday, March 25, 2013

Dreams Come True

Have you ever believe in that whatever things you dream of, may be of daydream or things that you dream of in your sleep will ever come true?

To me, I used to think dreams are just like building castle in the air, it would be great if it came true but deep down in my heart, it'll always just a dream of things that I may not able to reach to.

But recently, my dreams seems to be coming true that is too real for me to believe it. I'm sure everyone of us would have tried picturing ourselves in the desirable most perfect situation, like staying in your dream house, picturing every detail of your dream house would be, being with your dream partner, picturing every detail of your dream partner, how he/she would be.

Talking about my dream house, everyday I passed by this place when the banner was put up advertising the upcoming development of properties. It's really like a love a first sight. I fell in love the first time I see the brochure. I'm serious. I can feel that I'll own it in no time. Well, I've got to say here, yes, it's all realising now. :)

As for my dream partner, it's also seems to be realising right in front of me. To some of you who know about my detail stories may think it's a little bit too fast to recover (if you know what I meant), but trust me, I'm the person that can really recover very quickly from a bad injury. Scar may be there but it will not stop me from continue running. Anyway, for now, I would still reserve some of my excitements here, just in case it's really just a dream in my head. ^_^

No matter what, within this 2 months, I can feel good things is all coming to me. I'm really happy and grateful for all these, after all the stressed that I went thru end of last year.

Today, I will continue to dream because I now believe that dreams do come true if you believe your own dreams hard enough. :)

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