Friday, May 10, 2013

Jack Neo's Movie

Since young, I've always been a fan to Jack Neo's movie. I was first exposed to his actings is through the series of LiangPoPo .. Can I say that time me and my family really went kind of crazy watching all series? Which subsequently they had a movie on him her.

Then, Jack Neo slowly writes more of movie scripts which I can say that most of the movies are a big hit both in Malaysia and Singapore. Well, I personally think that reason why it was so popular between the 2 countries because apart from being a comedy movie, his stories always ends by sending people a message of values of lifes. Not only that, his movies are very down to earth i.e. it is exactly reflecting the real life of the Singaporeans and to a certain extent on Malaysians too and using a very local English, i.e. Singlish.

Some of the movies that I really like watching.

This is one of the movie that actually make me cries the most. So highly recommended to watch.

Then, end of last year, a new movie was released. This time around is about the life of Singapore's NS, which the movie was split into 2 parts where the 2nd part was released somewhere in April this year.

For me to elaborate on what each of the movie talks about is KINDA too long kan. So, why not try watching it. 

I can assure you, all the above movies is a very good stress release mode. Bet you will laugh all the way till the end. :D

So, here's some trailer of Ah Boys to Men. 

Me kinda like the acoustic cover by Tosh Zhang.. Btw, Tosh is kinda a cool looking eh ?? :P

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