Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Month

Sorry for my disappearance for quite sometimes since the results day. Not really happy with it especially my F7 . Anyway, it's already past and it's time to look forward and put double or maybe triple my effort this round as it's not going to be an easy paper. After today, i seriously will cut down on blogging. Online ? Most probably u'll see me NOT as often too . ^.^

Anyway, March seems to be a real busy month to be. Let me see what's going on in the month of March ...
1. Bro's wedding
2. Progress Test
3. OBU Presentation

Although it's just list of 3 items but it's really busy especially Progress Test is just another 2 weeks time. Gosh ! And I haven't really started on anything. BE NERD I SHALL !!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for now. ^.^ Must have more rest to fight for the battle . Good luck folks !

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