Monday, March 31, 2008

My Small Kid Look


Rawr .. Why today is like super hot neh . I tot cheng meng coming should be raining everyday geh . Ish ish ..

Today played basketball after i-dunno-since-when ive stop playing . Hahaha .. Just try on shooting . Skills memang teruk larh . Im not a basketball player or consistently playing like itu Adelee . Some more the weather is like so super hot although is already 4pm . But we just played under the sun like nobody business till papa came lu . Now oso got abit headache liao T.T

Well since kacy popo said i should show my young time picture . Well i got 3 of them here which i saw when i was flipping through the photo album with mama one day . So i did take some of them and i din know im such a poser since young . HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ...

Me on the ping pong table in the cameron highland . I do love my baby pic . Isn't she cute ?

Me and my leng zhai bro in our old house ... Do we look alike ? I kinda boyish when i was young .

Ta da .... The poser me ... =D

Time really flies . In a twinkling of an eye , this year i will be 20 years old . OMG .. I feel so old .. Ekekekeke ..

The picture of me when i learnt to camwhore when i step into college life .....

Ahahaha .. When got time , i'll try to find more pic of me when i was young . To show how cute am i . Wukakakakaka . And i know i still owe u guys on my bro's wedding . Be patient oh . Still have no mood to upload so much of photos . Ekekekek ... =P

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