Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Loving My Job

Now I understand the real feeling of working life. The life is really dull comparing to study life.

Mon - Fri, you'll wake up like a zombie/robot, goes to work for 8 hours the min, come home, have dinner , take a bath and in no time, you realise you already drop dead on your bed.

Sat - Sun, you'll try your best to plan for some activities. And somehow weekends is the only time where you get to wake up late (which you will automatically wake up the usual time you wake up for work) and time is always seem not to enough for everything on the weekend.

OK. That's the overall view of a working life.

Nevertheless, my working life back in my office, is really interesting. I really feel thankful and grateful for having such friendly, outgoing, funny colleagues. Each and every one of them somehow would cheer your day. We never let our stress take control. We shout in the office, we laugh in the office like our boss is not there. But of course, our boss never minds about us joking around so long we could deliver good work to him.

Comparing to the first day I step into the office and now, I think I am feeling much comfortable now since I'm starting to blend into the culture which I believe I am blending into very well.

Not only that, so far, I've know quite a lot of other bank's staff from other dept. which now we hang out quite often for lunch if we were at HQ for audit. And networking, especially in such environment and especially for people like us AUDITORS, I think it is important. Because these are the networks that eventually help to ease our work in the future. Don't you think so?

Well, of course I would not have that intention when knowing these great people. To me, it's like knowing a new friend in school and there's where your circle of friends gets bigger. I always love knowing new people around. Like my previous post, everyone I know inspire me in my life. I grow up by learning the good side of them. =)

So, in short, I am currently starting to love my job and I hope this would goes on and hope there's nothing ahead that would reduce my job satisfaction.

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