Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Luck to You

You who thought me how to smile for a photo
You who thought me how to laugh sincerely from heart
You who thought me about a different kind of life perception
You who thought me the meaning of determination
You who thought me not to be fear to tears

Because you say you'll always be here for me

Your laughter, your cries
Your 38-ness
Has already craved nicely inside my memory

that we have our own ways to fufill our very own dream
The happiness, the sadness
has now turn into memories
A memory that will never be forgotten

Good Luck and All the Best to You

Take care, my love

PS: To clear the air, he's just one great FRIEND that I ever have. We loved each other as a friend. Please don't make any stupid guesses about me and him anymore. If you do, it just shows that you are jealous of our strong friendship bond that we have. There's no rules in the world saying that our good/best friend can only be one or can only be just from the same sex.


Honghongtan said...

HUHU !!! I MISS U LALAPO !!!! I LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k@hy3@n said...

Mish U too ~

Patrick said...

Sounds so fierce, your p.s. LOl..

k@hy3@n said...

HAhahah ... have to .. although i know i shouldn't care much if there is really nothing .. but sometimes when ppl just couldn't stop talking about it, somehow it'll just get on ur nerves in a way .. XD