Monday, January 4, 2010

My Dream Place

This morning, while I was stuck in the miserable traffic jam, as usual I would listen to FlyFm. No more Hitz.Fm. LOL. Anyway, every morning they would have a topic for discussion based on some of the headlines that they get either from newspaper or over the net.

Well, today both of the DJs were talking about the tallest building in world which is in Dubai. So the question thrown to the listener were, "If you get to choose where you want to live, where would it be?"

So this two DJs first started with their own thoughts. One would like to live in the planet Pandora (if you guys watched the movie Avatar) and another one would like to be in Submarine (after watching 2012). =.=! Well, this question can be in term of fantasy or in realistic. So, I'll state both of it of my own dream place.

If in the world of fantasy where anything can happen, I would love to be in a place something like Never Never Land. Not necessarily to be the same as in the Peter Pan where kids don't grow up, I don't mind growing up in a way, but I wish to enjoy like a kid and never fuss about any stress especially in this crazy working life. And I could have all fun with my friends.

Can't really imagine of where I want to be in, in my world of fantasy.

Back to this cruel reality, above definitely will not happen. If i get to choose, there's this 2 place I will want to live for the rest of my life, it would be either building my very own bungalow beside the beach (maybe in Miami .. Lol.. But not really matter where is it as long the sea is blue and the sky is blue) or at a valley somewhere in New Zealand. Yeah, this 2 place has always been my dream place.

I love places with no hectic, busy city life. I really really love HATE city life. And yes, mind you, I really mean HATE. One have to be in city life because of the reason of "to survive". What more when I've gone to places like Singapore and Hong Kong, although it is a busy life, at least the transporatation there are so damn convenient as compared to here. But still, I LOVE here because I have great friends here.

A lot of you have know that me staying in KL for the rest of my life is one impossible thing for me to do UNLESS i found my true love, then that would be 1 reason for me to stay here. XD But I think I'll try my best to brain wash convince him to migrate overseas. =P

I think I am swaying out of topic already. Anyway, that is my dream place. What about yours? ^_^

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