Saturday, October 23, 2010

Woof Woof

Went to Central Park at Bandar Utama on a lovely Sunday afternoon as sis in law wanted to bring our naughty little doggy for a walk. Oh, by the way, let me intro my pet doggy,

Introducing .... PORKY ... He's a American Cocker Spaniel.

Isn't he cute ??? =D
Happily sitting in the car *woof*

Enjoying the view out there ...

When we reached there, there are so many doggy around ... For dog lover, I think it's a must go there on Sunday evening. From what I know and understand, there will be the trainers who train the owner of dogs i.e. Train the Trainer where you can bring your pets there and learn how to train your pets especially those who are first timer.

Porky: I'm a good boy. I'm listening to the teacher also.

There are many stalls ranging from promotion of foods, services by various known pet shop, charity that looking for kind hearted owner to adopt unwanted pets, free grooming service etc etc. Basically, wherever you walk in the park, you'll see dogs, dogs and dogs.

Some of the doggy pictures that I manage to capture. Personally I love puppies that big dogs because puppy / mini dogs are CUTEEEE ~~~~ :P

See how cutie they are !! Don't you agree with me !!! Say you agree with me ... !!!

Some of the big dogs that I loved are ...

Does it ring a bell to you about this dog ??? ^_^ He's the dog that is casted in the famous movie, Beethoven. I've also just learned that this type of dog is known as St. Bernard dog. (omg omg ... saw the St. Bernard's puppy? so cute !!!!)

Source: Wikipedia

Another dog that I loved so far is German Shepherd.

It would be so nice hugging him to sleep during winter. Too bad, don't think that will happen as long I am in Msia because of the weather that I would have kick him away from him... Hehehehe ...


wjingyi said... cute..i want a pup

k@hy3@n said...

ehehe .. go go go .. go adopt 1 or get 1 .. XD