Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow !!!!

I hereby wish ..
All couples to be happy together forever.
All singles to find their true love very soon. Don't be too sad about it, k?

To me,
Valentine's Day is just a normal day where roses are expensive, the restaurants charged you double. Because if you love someone truly, everyday is a valentine. Don't you agree?

Well, not to spoil the mood but yeah, February 14th is where everywhere is filled with air of love, where this day you would at least tell your loved ones how much you love him/her.

To singles, don't sulk at home and complain in your twitter or facebook of not able to celebrate this special day. Get few of your single friends and sulk happy together. I used to have it with my so pos.

Like in 2008 ...

Then in 2009 ...

No celebration in 2010 because it Feb 14th was 1st day of CNY, so we celebrated with our family .. LOL !

What about 2011? This year would be a little bit different ...

Don't think too much ....

It'll be different because I'll be celebrating with 2 of my new found bestie that I known in the Bank. Looking forward for it .. =)

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