Saturday, February 26, 2011

My New Baby

I think i am going to stop blogging for my trips and photographs for a time being. This is because I've got my baby to take care and spend time with him for a while... ^_^

Ermm .. Definitely not talking about boyfriend ...

I am talking about my new Mac Air which I just got it last Tuesday .. WOOT !!!! Trust me, after you change to mac, you'll never ever consider of changing back to Windows ... The graphics are just too awesome that I am so loving all my pictures now .. The simple basic iPhoto are great too !!!

Now that I need a software where I can put my text on the photos before I can continuing blogging especially on my China trip.. So so so ... Just bear with me a while la .. hehehehe ...

Till then, I'll keep update in words and share any nice videos/songs with you to show my existence in this world .. :P

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