Sunday, March 27, 2011

Need Help

I've been a lazy blogger
I've been having trouble how should I upload my photos after doing simple editing using iPhoto because I think I have to export out from iPhoto before I can upload the photos in blogger
I'm thinking what kind of free photo editing program that I can use to put my watermark/copyright
I've been quite sometime not doing any photo shooting
I miss photo shooting

I am thinking whether should I continue blogging the way I am now
or I should totally revamp this blog i.e. deleting this blog and recreating a focused blog i.e. Travel and Food Blog ...

Pls feel free to give your comments!!
I need comment/suggestion for all of the above ~~~~
I need motivation to continue blogging ....

yay!! i found a software i can do watermark and resizing !! woot ~~


John said...

dont think so much la. just blog what u like lo. mix de also can. if want fixed de, then creat a new blog lo. like me.

k@hy3@n said...

hehehehhee ..
ok ok ...
i will !! =D