Sunday, April 17, 2011

Girls Go Crazy

Last week I unknowingly there's a Shoe Exhibition at PWTC and coincidently I am looking for black working shoes, so mummy suggested to go there have a look.

Basically when I walk inside the hall, you can see all the crazy ladies running around and being pushed around. I mean, yes, they really pushed around lorh... Ganas betul .. Ish !

Anyway, most of the booth are from well-known brand which a pair of shoes can easily cost you few hundreds. But they are really nice.. There's also average priced shoes like XES brand, Viss, Carlo Rino, Crocs etc ..

Well, this is not just a venue to get discounted shoes but it is also an exhibition as per say, so they have a stage for the catwalks, shoe designing competition, which I suppose it is heavily promoted by our own Datuk Jimmy Choo. Have I said this, I saw Datuk Jimmy Choo ??!! Yes !! But I am sorry that I did not take a photo of him as proof because I am standing just too near that I got a bit shy to take a shot of him before any security guards come "attack" me. Hehehehehe ....

Anyway, some of the photos on exhibitions of shoes and competitions held ...

Traditional shoes of each countries

Miniatured shoes exhibition and excellent miniature shoes design competition by college students 

Can you imagine that it is made out of silver utensils?? 

The Largest Chocolate Nyonya Shoe

Like seriously, when I walked near it, I can smell of chocolates. It is so tempting that I almost wanted to just take the beads and it .. Meh ~

Shoe Design Competition 2011
(which i don't know these shoes, who and when can be wore)

This is definitely my favourite.. <3 and defintely more practical

a spidery shoe


wjingyi said...

I am more interested in what shoes tht you bought..hehe

k@hy3@n said...

lol .. din take pic of it .. but just very casual flats lorh .. cuz the shoes like really really nice is abit too expensive and over my budget .. hahaha ..