Thursday, May 12, 2011

Looking Back

Sometimes looking back to the path that you took is not a bad thing. It reminds oneself the ups and downs that you went thru that makes who you are today.

People always tell their friends to let go, to forget the sad and move on. I disagree.

Because the fact is, no one can forget things that they experienced it especially the BAD and SAD ones. You'll remember it even clearer than the happy moments. So, I always has this thinking and I do tell my beloved ones, "It's OK to be sad. You are always allowed to be sad for a day in a week. But don't be sad too long. One has to move on. The happy moments carve in our heart and remember it, as this will be the reason for you to look back and smile. The sad moments, keep at a corner but don't ever throw it away, as this will be the reason for you to be stronger as you walk further."

I have friends that say how can I be so positive-minded about almost everything. Simple, because to me, whatever things happen, it happened for a reason which the reason you may not know. Just accept it by maintaining the good one and improve/change on the bad one. Anyway, the truth is I am not that positive-minded at all time. Sometimes I do think very, i mean VERY negatively. Just that I never showed out to anyone. That is very not good. (Notes to self: To improve on this) 

Sometimes, I do too asked myself about how I did. I always compare within myself. A simple example, in my working environment. I always asked myself, have I improve on the areas that I need and should improve? Areas like I have to be more outstanding in front of my bosses, to be more seen that I can work good. I do admit I wished to be more seen and assigned on more jobs and assignments. Just like how my big boss said to us, by having more jobs, it mean that you are capable in doing your work, it mean you are good. Everyone wished to be in that category, seen by boss. We are just denying the fact because we are just introverts.

So, what about you? Do you reminisce your good and bad of your past experience? Or you are a very easy going person that doesn't care the heck?

Remember, looking back to your past helps to remind yourself the path you taken and why you are here but don't ponder on your past too long as well, as it won't help you to grow.

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