Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Power of Social Network

Just recently or rather over the recent weekend, another hot topic was discussed in Facebook. This time round it was a video shared on about school girl, whom was violently abused by her school mates. With the power of FB, this matter was easily brought to the media attention as well as the Govt's attention.

One video, it has brought everyone's attention.

On the side note, I still cannot accept that the bullies are just being suspended for 14 days lorh !!! *geram*

Without the video, the victim would have to continue bearing with all these nonsense that is happening in the school. Poor girl.

Earlier to this case, there were some hot topics in FB (focusing only in Msia as my network mostly are in Msia only) such as the animal abuse which the tomboy in the end came out to apologise to public, the incompetent organizer to Energizer Night Race, the suicidal note left by Alvis Kong.

FB definitely is a very powerful tool and connectors to all around the world. I think with the existence of FB, many ugly truth out there was revealed.

I wouldn't deny that people may go very extreme in creating haters or fans page for any single issue that arise. But, for example the recent video of the violent bully by the teenagers, if people hasn't see the video, if people doesn't share the video, how would the society know that there's something wrong with the education system. How would the family of that victim know how suffering she has been.

Also, with this, I think it will be a very good reminder to all those people who want to do anything in public because anytime you might just got caught on video and became the popular topic in FB.

Another example would be the suicidal note by Alvis Kong, I really hope that it would be a very good lesson to all of us including me that suiciding is not a solution to all. People who followed the news would know how his death has actually caused how many heartbrokens among his family and friends.

In the end, although I am giving all the good points of Social Network, there's also the bad points of it. So, it is still up to individual how you make use of it. Just becareful and think carefully everytime you want to post something or upload your photos. Just make sure that you have a very tight privacy settings. The best is DON'T put any of you personal details there.

I mean, if your friends really want your details, you can just give them by private e-mail or call. Don't need to PUBLISH your details.



wjingyi said...

and nvr add your mgr as ur fren..haha..at least tht's my policy

k@hy3@n said...
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k@hy3@n said...

Oh ya. Definitely no. Lol.