Monday, July 8, 2013

Expectations vs Disappointments

How many expectations that you can have before these expectations start to turn into stress, disappointment, sadness?

Well, if these expectations are being met of course you won't go into that category in the above?

There was once I read a post in FB saying that, just hold on a little more, just a little more and you'll be there. This somehow relates to the expectations and disappointments. How many expectations and disappointments can you take it before you actually stop expecting? How little more that you can hold on? When you stop expecting, what does it mean?

I am a person that really hates people giving me expectations, in any kind of them, and then they couldn't meet it. Well, at this point, I somehow could understand how a bosses expecting work to be delivered but you just didn't, so can't really blame the boss to be mad at you eh?

But well it's not really about work here. And it's not so much of people setting the expectations they want of you and expecting you to achieve it.

No, the issue I'm having here is, people themselves give promises by setting an expectations of themselves and giving me the impression that they'll able to meet it. But in the end, it's just a disappointment.

Which is worst?

I suppose it's the 2nd one, no?

Again, emphasizing here, I really here hate people doing that. When you can't meet that expectation that why in the first place set it for yourself????!! For you, you may feel nothing but you may not know how disappointing and hurt it is for the person that who you gave them expectations, or in other words it's empty promises that you are giving.

And yes, in short, these disappointing expectations is just mere empty promises that how many of them can you take it before you stop trusting them?

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