Sunday, July 7, 2013

Balloon or Bubbles?

This is the 2nd time I've been to the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon. But thanks to my bad sense of direction to Putrajaya, was a bit late when we reach Putrajaya. By the time when we reach Putrajaya, all pretty pretty hot air ballon has been into the air and the contestants are actually packing up going home already .. MEHHHHHH ~! What a pity ! :(

So, no pretty picture of the hot air balloons :(( except for this ...... 

Well, the good thing is this round thanks to my colleague who actually queue up to get the tickets to be in the hot air balloon, I manage to have a ride in a REAL hot air balloon :D

Yeshhh .. Riding this .. Though is just 2-storey high but is still kind of scary when standing inside and with the hotness of the fireee ~

this girl is on FIREEEEEEEEEEEE ~~~~ *sings Alicia Key' song*

Here's the view I managed to got before I stop taking photos and just hanging on to the tali :]

Oh oh .. while waiting for our turn for the ride, manage to saw this, whatever you call this xD

After the ride, we almost had a heat stroke, so decided to go for some light bites from the KFC stall. There is also some food bazaar and games, so we thought of walking around abit just to look see look see before leaving the place ..

When we saw this kid playing this ...

So we decided to have our bubble dance as well .. ^_^

Yes, I'm a nenek with a kid leaving within me. Kthnxbai.

Hope that next year I'll be able to get there early and have some more pretty shots of the hot air balloon. Sekian.

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wjingyi said...

Your sense of direction still can't beat the last time when we went together and I almost drove Leng back to Seremban instead to KL!haha