Sunday, June 30, 2013

InstaSunday | Minions, Stan Chart Run, Frappe Cafe

#1 Minions

Yes, it's the season of minions madness !! Can't wait to watch DM2 in 3D soon !! :D

#2 Stan Chart Run

Thanks to the haze, the Kl Marathon aka Stan Chart Run is postponed to September :( But anyway, got the goodies bag ..

#3 Frappe Cafe

 New found cafe at Kota Damansara which is just opposite the Bonjour, it's a small shop and I suppose it's just recently open but surprisingly their coffee are good .. Don't mind going back again ^_^

#4 Thinking Cause Brain Damage

A conversation I had with my dad and I think I'm going to apply his quote for the rest of my life xD

Youtube to be shared today is definitely going to be Minions related. Kthnxbai.

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