Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jelebu Day in KL

Dear Haze,

I hate you and pls go away ... You got my nose block so badly that I can't breathe now T_T

Yours sincerely,

So, haze has finally arrived in KL since yesterday and it is getting bad that I am smelling the burning.. Since now that I can only stay at home with all windows and doors closed and full blast of air-cond, the only thing I can do now is to have my BabyMac accompanying for the rest of the day.

So, here's some of YouTube that I'm glad to share with you guys for the weekend.

The LEGO Movie !!!! :O LEGO is having a movie of their own !! Looks cute and cool eh ...

WongFu's Long Lost Member - Greg :O Must watch guys !!

Just last week the Voice season 4 has finally ended with Danielle as the champion. Couldn't deny how strong is her voice is and she's really good with only age 14 !!! Damn .. What was I doing when I'm 14 .. Anyway, my favorite contestant is not really her but Josiah Hawley from Team Usher cz he's hot !! :P And also The Swon Brothers from Team Blake .. Honestly, they r really good and with me have been always loving Country songs for some reasons ..

Josiah Hawley with his new singles: Beautiful to Me ..

The Swon Brothers with one of their best song among all their performance, Danny's Song

Another one from the Swon Brothers - Turn the Page

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