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Chateau de Versailles

Took me a while to think how should I start this post but well, anyway, here's my post on Paris .. like finally .. :P But, expect no Eiffle Tower or Champ de Elyse photo's in this post .. Gonna split my Paris post into two simply because I realise I have thousands of photos just on this that I really wished I can share it all.

So, if you haven't been to Paris, I really highly recommend you to visit this place when you are in Paris!!! It's not really in the Paris city itself, but you can easily reach here by taking the train and you'll just walk for about 10 - 15 mins while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way to here.

Oh, where's the here ? Read the title lahhhhhhh *duh* ..... Chateau de Versailles, translation to English, Palace of Versailles .. 

Here's the entrance to the Palace .. The size looks ok-ok only? Wait till you get in there and be amused. Oh and btw, if you are for sure that you are going there, I suggest you that you purchase your tickets online through their website [LINK] and if possible try to be there earliest possible to avoid the crazy crowds so that you can enjoy the tour and taking photographs without too much of photobomb ...

It was kind of sad that on the day when I was there was a cloudy day, so all my outdoor photos taken is gloomy and couldn't enjoy much in the outdoor especially the garden.

Not really gonna explain much of its history simply because you can find out more at the website [LINK]. But here's some of the things that you should be exploring when you are in there

The Palace
In the palace, you will be given an audio guide where you can learn more about each section or each room that you are walking into. As an asian who is the first time to an Europe country of course is amazed with the architecture and all ..  And is just tooooooooo many rooms that I also cannot differentiate what rooms for what .. =.=! Maybe I really need to take photos of the sign as well just to remind myself .. So where ever I know what the room is I will let u know otherwise just enjoy the picture la, and if the next time you go there, identify where is my photos taken and let me know .. LOLOL ..

Anyway, the first thing you walk in and getting your audio guide, this is the first room you see, The Royal Chapel.
 ground floor view

 first floor view

also first floor view of the chapel

Along the hall ways, you can see the statues of their Kings and Queens .. Old school style of portraits xD

 *do we look alike????*

Some of the old school styles of photos xD But aren't these artists great ? At least they are really talented than people like me that just simply point and shoot to a certain extent when I just got too lazy to play with settings .. :P

I think this one is at the King's Chamber

 Another thing that really amazed me is their ceiling .. In each room that you walk in, when you tilt your head up, you'll be amazed with the paintings :O I seriously wonder how do they ever draw these up there !!! *hats off* Btw, these ceilings photos are taken with my wide-angle lens so it'll like kinda distorted at the corner but thank god that I brought otherwise I wouldn't be able to capture this ...

 Chandelier :D

 Love this clock !

And this is the Queen's Grand Apartment

One of the most amazing room is The Hall of Mirrors

Outside view of The Palace

The Garden
After visiting the palace, peeping some of the view outside from the windows, how can we not have a walk outside in the garden?

Love shaped garden

But the weather wasn't great as it was drizzling even when we were out there, so couldn't really enjoy much and I even fell down due to slippery muds hurt my butt so much T______T

 Latona Fountain

 The Appollo Fountain

 Just before I had my butt hit the ground :X

Overall, I think it's really a place that is worth the visit and I don't mind visiting here again if I have the chance back to Paris, hopefully with blue sky ~

Here's to Chateau de Versailles ...

View while exiting from the Palace's entrance

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