Friday, November 7, 2014

3D2N to Krabi - Ao Nang and Hong Island


Yes, I'm finally found the time to update my blog. After time spent on procrastination rushing to complete photobook, editing photos, sleep and catching up with Running Man episodes .. Heh ..

Gonna share on the Krabi trip that I went earlier this year!

Last year end, I was quite desperate for some beach holiday and went surfing Air Asia website in case they have some interesting cheap flight that I can just click on it and buy. So, that literally how I ended up in Krabi although I didn't go for cheap ticket due to the date that we wanted to go. When you are stress, you just don't care the price much anymore, at least that's for me .. ^_^Y

After much research and feedback from friend's who had went told me that the more happening beach will be Ao Nang and Krabi is not big.. So, i literally assumed that Krabi is just as big as Penang island .. I was kinda wrong to that ...

Day 1

We got ourselves to this cosy hotel called iCheck Inn in the Ao Nang area through Agoda, which cost us around RM595 for 3 nights and for 2 pax inclusive of breakfast. That's cheap or what... Initially we booked Best Western Ao Nang and for some reason Agoda came back to us telling that they doing some maintenance hence there will be no water supply coincidentally during our stay. Anyway, we were very happy with our 2nd choice.

Le room with a small balcony outside .. Not bad hor ..

 Also love the blue colour as their themed. So, everything is in blue .. Blue = Beaches yo!

The front entrance of the inn and also the swimming pool or rather dipping pool on the left side to the entrance door

It's a small inn which is about 10 - 15 minutes walk to the Ao Nang beach. Also, there's no lift/escalator, so if you are here with elderly may not be a good choice to stay here although the highest floor is just 3rd floor. But their steps could be quite tiring though. Also, I think it was quite newly open inn when we were there so everything looks new and clean.

Oh we actually decided to take the bus instead of taxi to the hotel when we first arrived at the airport. It cost us about 100 baht or less (I honestly can't rmb now but I know it's cheap la) but it took us about 2 hours ride cz the bus will actually drop everyone to their hotel door step and we are so lucky that we are the last one to be dropped T_T

By the time we settled in our hotel, it was about 4 something in the evening already when we reach the airport around 2 something .. After changing into shorts and singlets, head out to hunt for food .. :D


This is the first thing we saw and we just couldn't resist it ..

It's pretty much like our local Roti Canai except that is cooked with double the amount of oil to make it crispy and you can have various type of toppings to go with it .. They called it the "Pancake Roti"

It's just 20 to 25 baht ...

The best is still the one with Nutela .. NOMS!

Then, walked to the Ao Nang beach for sunset ..

  Happy kid is happy with the sand and sea

 This is what I called PARADISE

 #bebisholiday created by a friend of ours .. LOL

 Jelly fish that looked like a d*** :P

After enjoying the sunset that I just couldn't be more happy to enjoy although is freaking hot and burning, we went walking around the super small Ao Nang town which actually is just 2 streets of shops ..

Also did mani pedi before dinner just cause it's cheap ...

Then we had our first and probably the only proper dinner in a restaurant at Aree Baba Restaurant xD

We asked the girl who did mani pedi for us which shop is nice for Thai food and in her broken Thai english told us to try the restaurant that is built with bamboo .. So, we took a guess is this one ... Ambience is not bad la .. And i think you hop into any random restaurant in Thailand, the food won't be bad ..

 Cheap beer in Thailand is a must to have .. :P

 Some seafood soup made of Santan ... Didn't go for Tom Yam though ..

Thai Papaya Salad

 Stir Fried Asparagus with Chicken

Sticky rice to go with the soup .. YUMS!

After dinner, while on our way back we saw people lining up for this ...

Can you guess what is she selling in front of the pharmacy .. LOL ...

It's cocktail that cost about 100 baht per cup!!!!! Imagine getting a Mojito for just 100 baht (RM10) .. Tell me where to get such cheap cocktails and it's really nice la .. Just like people selling bubble tea in pasar malam here but instead selling cocktails .. 

Day 2

On the 2nd day, we decided to do island hopping. I honestly didn't know about the kayaking around islands, otherwise I would have opt for that instead of the usual island hopping. Anyway, we decided to do Hong Island just cause it's name has my surname on it (Pun intended) .. It was about 700 baht taking long-tail boat with lunch provided. When we book for Hong Island, I really thought that we are only going for ONE island and being able to spend time there enjoying but end up with we went around 3 islands around .. Blame my lack of research :'(

So, here's photo of the beach, bitches in bikini and ok-ok hot dude for your eyes .. :P

Island 1

 Just to show my new colour of my toes :P

 Rows of long-tailed boat

 Modern vs Traditional

Island 2

Island 3

What animal does this look to you?

At night, after going for our massage with our whole body already burnt, again just walked around the small town and of course go for some drinks and some live music band. Boogie Bar does have a nice live band to enjoy and probably one of the most happening bar around.

Day 3

Nothing much done except walking around the town and went back to hotel to sleep.. Too hot to walked outside that we almost fainted.

The infamous tuk-tuk

After our afternoon nap, we decided to explore the other side of Ao Nang only to realise there's another nice and more quiet beach where the nicer resorts are located at ..

We initially inteded to go the Krabi's Night Market in the Krabi Town and for some reason and again, due to my lack of research, the tuk-tuk driver to us here instead T_T

Which basically has NOTHING!!! T_T

It's a shame that we missed out the Krabi's Night Market which apparently has lots of foods and things to see. Really regretted that I didn't insist to just take a taxi and go :(

For that, I would love to go back to Krabi again for the sand, sead, food and the night market !! 


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