Saturday, November 15, 2014

Summer Hokkaido - Around Lake Toya

When people talks about Hokkaido, usually the first thing that come in most people's mind is WINTER. Well, for once, this post has totally nothing to do with the white snowy scenery. Instead it's a hot summer Hokkaido.

According to our tour guide, he said that in Hokkaido, winter is for 6 months and the period that we were there was probably the hottest for the year. Yet it is a rainy days when we were there. I think they hardly see the sun. Hence, most people would go to Hokkaido for its winter, ski and of course the Onsen.

But I think the other seasons are pretty too. Just like this Summer when we were there. Although it's rainy but we managed to enjoy most of it. On the 2nd day, we go around Lake Toya for some sight seeing and cherry plucking experience before heading to Otaru, another small quiet town which I missed out a lot of photo opportunity due to the rain and storm.

Anyway, here's some of the places that you can consider to visit in Lake Toya.

1. Walk around Lake Toya (duh!!)

ME! outside of our hotel which is the Lake Toya. It's really a waste for not being able to enjoy the beautiful lake around our hotel :(

2. Take photos of flower farms at the road side illegally with permissions
On our way, we stopped by at this beautiful sunflower farm owned by someone to take some photos. It's illegal to step into people's farm without permission. So, yes, we did it quick like a flashlight yo.

 It would be prettier with blue sky .. What a shame of the weather

 Just Us :D


3. Cherry Plucking - Eat all You CAN!!
Then, our tour guide suggested to go for cherry plucking that is eat all you can with 800 yen per person. Seriously, where can you have all the cherries for this kind of price .. At least not in Malaysia lor. 

CHERRIESSSS !!!!! Just need to share all these photos cz they are pretty and yummy. HEHEHE. And of course you just got to post with them :D

I think each of us managed to have AT LEAST 20 - 30 of the yummy cherries in less than half an hour. AHH .. Can't get enough of them. You won't get them if you are here in Winter *wink*

4. Northern of Lake Toya
Moving on, we went to another side of Lake Toya which they have a small park with a small pagoda in the middle (not really) of the Lake. 

Along the way, we saw this symbolic creature-looking stone ..

It didn't really occur to me what does it represent .. Thought was just something random decoration they have it there .. LOL .. Until the tour guide asked us to look at the tree next to it and we saw this ..

Look like a cocoon right? Well, you are partially right but no, it's not a cocoon to a caterpillar/ butterfly.

It's a cocoon for other type of insects I would describe it. According to Xiao Huang, this will be formed on the leaves where i-dont-know-how-many-types of insects will live in it before they turned adult. (If I got my facts right).

This stone-arch thing is made out of purely stacking the stones itself. 20 of them, i think? Do your counting.

It was drizzling when we were here so we just did a quick walk and enjoy the breeze.

5. Lake Hill Farm

People say hokkaido's milk are just yummy and I got to admit that, coming from a person who totally loves milk. But again, we hardly see any cows wondering around. Wonder where are they hiding. Hrmmm ...

Lake Hill Farm

Here for their ice-cream!!!

I had the milk and blue salt .. It's yummy luuu .. They also had flavours like sesame (which is very very very nice!!), green tea, honey dew etc ...

Photo courtesy of Mr Hor .. Love this pikchur .. 

6. Spring Water at Fukidashi Park
After fruits and ice-cream, it's water time .. So, here we are for spring water ... After enjoying the water mountain during my Kashmir treks, I do miss those sweet cold water from the mountain. So glad that I can have it again here in Hokkaido ..

 Drink and fill all the spring water!!!!!

7. Coffee near Fukidashi Park
Imagine you make coffee/tea with these spring water .. Would be awesome right .. And u know what, they do have a small coffee shop making yummy coffee with these water .. OMG lor ..

Us with our coffeeeee ...

Without having to wait for our foods to digest, we then head just down the road for our lunch. We suddenly felt like we are having a food trip .. LOL .. Where's my flower yo !!!

Anyway, came to this small cosy hut ..

8. Soba Noodle near the Spring Water 

So small that it only fits probably 10 people at one time? This restaurant serves homemade soba noodles that you can choose to be cold or hot.

 Hot Soba

Cold Soba

Both are just awesome ...

9. Yamanaka Dairy Farm (on the way to Otaru)
We then continue our journey to Otaru but with another stop for milk (which I think this is already in the area of Otaru la) but still want to put in this post just cz it's food related xD..

Apparently this is one of the popular milk from la ... Yes, it's nice .. 

Le milk and ice-cream AGAIN .. hehehe

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