Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dance with Your Belly Festival

One of the best experience that I had during my trip in Hokkaido, on top of my birthday celebration and the onsen experience would definitely be the Bellybutton festival aka "Hokkai Heso Matsuri"

The festival is celebrated by the people of Furano, usually at the end of July during the summer season. From the name of the festival, you could have guess what is all about. :D So cut the long story shot, here's some of the shots that I have.

The men also wanted to join in the fun hehe

 *pose* hehe

 This is the best i think .. Just cause u know .. the belly is there xD

 Not sure what was this for but I suppose it's some like prayer prior to the show kind of thing

*stalker mode on*

The Mascot for 2014

Basically the dance is just at one street and they'll dance along this street with few simple steps and song on a repeat. Various clubs and school will dance along to it. Saw there are like judges sitting there, maybe also to judge like who can have the best creativity in their belly's drawings and costumes.

Photos really doesn't serve the justice how fun is the festival. Luckily, I manage to take video of it. So, here's a snippet of the dance to have some feel of it. :D

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