Sunday, October 11, 2015

Summer Hokkaido - All About that Flowers

The main highlight of the whole trip is all about that "Lavendar". However, it's not as what I would have imagined it to be as by the time we were there, the flower season are towards the end of it's life. So, we actually kinda missed the blossom time. Of course nevertheless, we still managed to catch the scenary, just that the colours are less vibrant la. Hehehe ...

We visited few of the farms around Furano mainly. So this post is mainly dedicated for the flowers of Hokkaido.

Our first ever flower stop would be Nakafurano.

You can either choose to take the cable (it's like those you would take at skiing resort) up the small hill which of course u need to pay or you can always choose to walk on foot. For us, as it's part and parcel of our tour package, we took the cable up and walk down by foot.

 If only the lavendar colour is more vibrant, would be so much nicer ~

 Le sunflowers

 On top of the hill overlooking the small town. So countryside, so peaceful ~

 My first time close up with the lavendars ~~

 Must pose with the Lavendars!

 Love the scenary of the town. Wished I could just stay here forever.

Some other flowers which I am bad with their names.

Then, the next flower stop would be the infamous Farm Tomita, Furano. The lavendars here are so much more "lavendar" in colour ...



 Pretty sure many would have seen this infamous shot of the building with the flowers around .. 

Next, it's another flower garden known as Ueno Farm. They have many types of flowers. I'm not really expert of flowers but it's really pretty la ...

And on our way out, to the buckwheats field, where soba noodles are made of .. Saw this cute lil guy that just can't resist to take a shot of him .. :D

 Such a poser! Hehehe ..

And here is the buckwheats where all the nice soba noodle are made of! 

At this point. we are pretty much have enough of flowers and lavendars. We thought that that is it. The above were at Furano. When we were at Biei, we visited another 2 farms.

This farm (which I'm not too sure what is it called), but if you google "Biei Lavendar", this would be the place that you will get. And so sads to look at the Google Image.. WHY THEIR FLOWERS SO NICE ONEEEEE!!!!!

Actually this one, I not sure where is it ..

The belows should be the one at the Biei .. Now, myself also sudah confuse xD

Too much flowers that I myself also got confused with the places I took of them. Eeekkss ...

Anyway, all in all, I do enjoyed the flowers in Hokkaido but I wished that I've flown that earlier in June. I was in Hokkaido in end of July, so it's like almost towards the end of the season.

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