Sunday, January 24, 2016

Quick Update

  • It's been a year since my dearest uncle has left us to a better place. His presence is definitely being missed especially each time when I'm back to grandma's place at Sitiawan. 
  • Been pretty busy for the past few weekends for my condo. Getting ready for renovation but still have to iron some of the things out before I can start the reno. Even to rent out, don't really know where and how to start except engaging with all the agents that has been calling or texting me. LoL .. Maybe i should just have that place for my own mini-retreat when I needed some me-time.
  • Being lazy to start my photobook which i SHOULD start like NOW! Maybe tomorrow.

In conclusion, this weekend I'm definitely in the super lazy mood.

Just very recently, I was told by someone that he got annoyed by talking to me and felt that I'm getting arrogant. Don't really understand what that means but I do admit I'm not that "friendly" as I used to be towards this person. Maybe because I'm now less interested and couldn't care much now. Not that I want it to be this way but after numerous attempt being nice and all I get was a very cold answer, why does one person think I should still being all friendly and nice to you? I also wished I could still be that friendly to you but I just couldn't because you choose not to appreciate it at the first place and I have to realise it's no longer worth my effort.

This may sound like I'm giving excuses but there's a saying which pretty much sums up why my change of attitude. Anyway, I will too do some reflection on myself.

With that, I shall go tune in to my RunningMan to chill out my mind.

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