Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another Boring Day...

Another Boring Day..

Well.. Today as usual is another boring day.. Haiz.. I really don't know what I want.. When there's class, everyday hope there's a holiday. And okay, now i've the holiday and i hope to have class so that i have something to busy about.. So, as usual i woke up walking around then had my lunch.. (I've been missing my breakfast). Then, read few(quite a lot though) of story books.. Princess Diaries.. Nothing to do.. Then, at 1pm also as usual watch my repeated "The Prince Who Turns Into Frog". haha.. The Ming Dao n Wang Shao Wei so yeng n cool.. Then, heavt rain over here.. So, continue read my story book.. At around 3pm, i went online and play GB until around 5pm like that. And took a nap.. Well is about 2 hours nap.. Hahaha... At night, continue play GB again until now. Thought of watch "The Prince Who Turns Into Frog" since dad is out with his collegues to watch football but when i went down nobody is there as mummy is in her room, so decided to watch on mon. So, went up and continue GB.. Haiz.. Am i going to go thru my days like that!! Omg.. Haiz.. What can i do???

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