Thursday, June 1, 2006

What A Tiring Days

Wow!!! Today is such a tiring day!! Aaarrgghh... *yawn*

I was in my bed at around 1am this morning but i oni felt asleep around 3 i think.. Then, at around 6.30am in the morning, dad woke me up.. I was like "oh my gosh! who is disturbing me in this early of the morning". Then, i remembered.. I got an interview for BNM scholarship.. >.<>

Then, my dad asked me to wait at the block c lobby. There is already a malay guy sitting there waiting.. I was thinking he should be one of the scholars too.. As i was still so sleepy, so i just smiled to him and sat at one of the sofa.. While waiting i really almost felt asleep again.. Then, came this girl ( i think she is around 20 years old and just finished her a levels in singapore) came.. She introduced herself as Sue.. Well, i can say she is a hyper active girl... She can non stop talking when everyone is like so tense up... As for me, im so sleepy!! *yawn*

Then, came another 2 malay girls.. Before we get to introduced ourself, a staff came and bring us to the 2nd floor where the interview was held.. I thought it was just a simple interview but it all ended up with 1 interview, 1 essay writing where i need to write 2 essays (1 BM 1 BI), 1 individual presentation and 1 group presentation. I was like "OMG".. *yawn*

In the morning session, the essay writing, individual presentation as well as the interview.. For the essay writing, it was like writing craps although the topics all topics that i once write during form 4 form 5.. Haha.. But it was like almost half a year back.. So, just craps.. Bullshitting skills was used!! Then, came to the individual presentation.. We were given a case study whereby i was asked by the manager to be a leader in organising a retreat in langkawi.. I was like "wow".. P5 knowledge can be applied where team buliding and leadership is used.. Haha.. But can't remember much of what i studied.. ><>

Then, is lunch time. We had nasi pulprit ayam but is like kinda cold.. =.=" Then, we were chatting with each othere as there is only 7 of us.. At first most of though that the 7 of us are the BNM's staff's children or relatives. But then, found out the malay guy that i mentioned was not.. Haha.. We got to knew that because we were saying how many times we had been into the cafeteria which is so nice and the guy said "OK, this is your first time to cafeteria but this is my first time to BNM" and all of us laughed.. And now let me introduce their names, there is only 1 gentlemen and his name is Ashraf (not sure how to spell), then 6 ladies which are Sue, Rachel (which is studying in Monash, hope to c her again in campus), Izzat, Nadia, Balqis (is a gal), n of course me lah.. Hehe...

Then, in the afternoon session, we had our last activity which is the group presentation.. I was grouped with Izzat, Balqis, and Nadia.. I admitted the whole process was kinda terrible but I really enjoyed working together with them.. Hehe.. Before all of us left, we were exchanging phone numbers but sad to say, I only got Balqis.. Izzat!! Faster message me leh.. kekeke.. Haha.. By the time it was already 4pm.. Then, i went to cafeteria to look for my dad and went to KTM with Rachel.. Haha.. Both of us was like blurr don't know which side to go.. Haha... But luckily we managed.. She stayed in Subang so both of was at the different side.. And it was raining.. Haiz.. By the time i reached home, it's already 5pm

Then, i sms-ed ms 8 poh asking what she's doing.. So, she asked me whether i want to join her yum cha with her PRS gang.. So, i agreed as there are few of them i know them too.. So, 8 poh came and fetch me and went to "The Bird".. Haha.. All the crazy fellas.. Then, went back home around 10.30pm..

*yawn*... Oh Shit!!! I haven't sstudy!!! But gosh.. I really need to sleep.. My eyes is closing.. -_- zzzzzzz

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