Sunday, March 11, 2007

Party Party Party

Yeah ! Party is all i wan ! Wohoo ! Let's get the party started ! La la la ~~

well .. today is the day where ms.rozi's house is having a party . is not really had by ms rozi . this party came out is becuz we all (Paper 9 Group 1 ) had a bet with her saying that if we got 100% passes , she will throw a party for us . although we had 1 person failed for the paper , but uncle teo (our director ) agrees to sponsor for the party .

so .. today woke around 10 something by the stupid sms . ish . wuwuwu . so , wake up drank milk . yum yum . then , wash car . wohoo ! play water =.= childish betul budak ni . ekeke . is fun to play water when the weather is so hot mah . ekeke .. forgive me lu .

then , arounf 3 something , went to bring adelee they all to sher huey's house at sierramas lu . tot can go see lionel they all swimming de , mana tau itu SHORT EMO LION wan me to fetch pei li , elaine n suan li to ms .rozi house to help her lor . so , since im so good n kind .. ekeke .. agree to tat short lion lor . went there n bought 3 watermelons before stop at ms.rozi house . later on , we start to cut the watermelons n also eat those which are not cut nicely .. ekeke . not bad not bad . then ah .. dat Suan Li ah .. so careless till she cut her thumb . take care oh , miss suan li .. XD u scare me neh with all the bloods dripping -.-

chun onn n kentt was the earliest n we r the 2nd to reach follow by ms voon sia . wah .. 1st time see ms voon sia wear in such attire neh . not bad . look like our age nia . *thumbs up* so , chat with her oso talking about her feelings of going to china soon . soon , all starts to reach lu . party start ! wohoo !

ms kiran made a cake with jelly on top . is sooooooo nice neh . love it much but too bad cant eat much cuz too full d . sorry ya , miss . XD ms shanta n mr jay came along . oh ya .. forgot to mention , uncle teo n family was there too .. ekeke ..

after all the eating , had the gift presentation to our 4 beloved lecturers . muaks ! so happy to hear that all of them love the gifts we made . a BIG cards for ms voon sia n ms shanta while key chains for ms kiran n ms rozi . then , they had game . dun know wat is it called . but is a game where u cannot say the thing tat u r showing . eg . ur finger shows as 2 , u cannot say the number 2 , but others num . lecturers v students .. too bad , the students lost . wuwuwu . the students in the game consist kentt (leader) , marriane , dexter , sanjay , iskandar had to eat up all the watermelon . ekeke . anyway , it was a nice n fun game .

pictures time !!! all of us had a BIG group pic . nice nice . (pics ... wait our mr ss king , siu hong to upload bah cuz most of it is with him )

it was a nice party . love it much . hope to have more party neh . ekeke .. la la la ...

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