Thursday, March 8, 2007


well well .. i know is quite sometime that i have no post . either im getting lazier but i dun think is due to that reason ..

dis few days had been my EMO-day . meaning of EMO ? is like where ur mood just dun get right . u just feel everything is not right and is getting u out of the way . n u just easily goes off .. *BOOM* .

is really hard to hide all the sad-ness all by my own . is really hard . tried to smile . tried to laugh . it may just work in front of frens but it neva work when im all by myself . nightmares had been "chasing" for days . im so tired . really wished that i could go to some place where there's no1 n i could rest for a moment .

additional to that .. stress is building up (quoted by stella) . to me stress is building up due to the ACCA course . haih .

- cried all the way home . blast the speaker all the way home -

sorry . im just being emo for this post . forgive me ya . XD


Christine said...

yo!..dun keep all d sadness to urself yea..tell it out so that u will feel better..we'll all be d ears to listen ur problems..dat's wat frens are for...cheer up!!

- AdeLeE - said...

I LOVE AH PA ! Ah pa dun seong sam dun seong sam . Dun think too much o . Happy happy o !

k@hy3@n said...

ty ty .. XD
tkj n adelee is the best !! muaks !