Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY (2)

continuation ...

oh ya .. i forgot to mention dat 5th day of CNY i went to "Fuo Guang Shan" at Jenjarom . nothing much but the lighting over there is really nice with the flowers . did some praying too . n i'll just upload some pics for dat la .. XD

5th Day of CNY :

the buddha -- me -- n me ss again .. >.<

7th day of CNY :
bai nian with college fren . wana tell here . i think is kinda long long story ler . ekekeke .. i'll just summarize it . woke up at around 9am . then get ready to go out lu . fetch honghong , then steven then joanna . ekeke . after that , straight to tkj house lu . adelee , chingyong , tt was there d . then came , vern yen n lionel following eileen . wee ven n lastly sher huey . the houses tat we went was as follow ..

tkj -- eileen -- wee ven -- ching yong -- adelee -- wyn yan -- siu hong -- lionel -- ms rozi -- me

gamble in some house lu . itu chingyong won lots of money neh . then had lunch at adelee's house . her mummy cook spaghetti for us . nice nice . ty auntie ! ekeke .

anyway .. for more in details of the journey , link to siu hong , christine , chingyong or any1 dat the names dat i mentioned above (provided they have blog n they post bout it ) .. XD

for pics .. pls view siu hong's blog . ty ty .

8th day of CNY :
went out with the soh pohs to 1u lu . tot of watch movie de . mana tau full for dat time . so went n take pics , makan n walk around lu . XD

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