Friday, February 16, 2007

Vday + Test

yay yay ! at last the 4 miserable days of progress test has over . now im so looking for CNY . ermm .. ignoring the fact that 2nd day of CNY will be the most miserable day of all . really love CNY cuz can go out gai gai n get lots lots of angpau .. ekekeke

anyway , beside having PT1 for the year .. yesterday was also a special day for all the couples . is the Valentine Day for the couples n Single Awareness Day for the singles (quoted by JJ n Rudy of . ermm .. cant do much on the day cuz having tax exam lu .. wuwuwu .. ppl happily celebrate V day while we , ACCA n CAT student "happily" sitting for exams . our books r out valentine . but i think the bed r more likely to be my valentine dis year . ekekeke ..

ermm .. nothing much happen lu . just as usual . admiring all the gals who receive flowers n presents from either their loved 1 or even admirers . well .. sometime u just have the feeling of jealousy n loneliness .. XD is just come automatically . ermm .. anyhow , was quite happy for me lah .. on tat day .. lots of sweet n sad memory just pop out in my mind when i wana go to sleep .. XD

k la .. is late but not sleepy .. hmm .. wan play game but like lazy .. wuwuwu .. better go slp la . then tml on tv watch tv ! ekeke .. need to enjoy "gao gao" dis CNY . cuz knowing the fact after CNY will be the continuation of suffer of exams >.<>

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