Thursday, February 1, 2007


well well . since today is a public holiday for both KL n Selangor cuz is Wilayah Day n Thaipusam . so all not working . then , since i would not be free till CNY due to upcoming progress test , so today decided to decorate the house (as usual .. my job to decorate ) for CNY . so , went to a shop where sell all the cny decoration which come from china 1 (cheaper ma ) XD . bought few to decorate . then went to carefour to shop for groceries n to a warehouse selling all branded leather products n i managed to bought a handbag which is oni rm19.90 XD .

oh ya .. before tat in the morning , me , mummy n jie jie went to pasar (market in malay) to shop for t-shirts n shorts . as usual , it is always cheaper to buy there rather than at those supermarket . hehe . so , me manage to buy 2 monokuro boo's t-shirt (monokuro boo is the pig which is so popular now .. i called it as the square pig ) n a shorts . hehe . n it oni cost me rm35 in total .

then oni went to carefour lu after lunch . reached home n start decorating . so , im gonna show wat i bought to decorate dis year .. hehe .. xD

outside the house ..

inside the house .. there's 1 electric fire cracker on the right n 1 more at the left . saw it ?

own made monokuro-boo

own made round pig .. spot the difference in this 2 pics .


Honghongtan said...

faster come my house help me do ! i want one in my room also ! SooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE !

- AdeLeE - said...

i noe i noe ! the tail the tail ! got prize o not ?

k@hy3@n said...

haha .. honghong .. okok .. i go help u do XD

adelee .. clever worr .. give u a pat .. hahaha

SmallHead said...

tail lar hahaha

- AdeLeE - said...

i wan leng zhai ! ade tak ?

k@hy3@n said...

nice wewe ~!

leng zhai ah .. hmm hmm .. u go skype kau lor .. i oni know there u can know lots of leng zhai .. haha .. sshhhh .. dun tell others oh .. XD

- AdeLeE - said...

o.O ade ke ? ish ish .