Sunday, February 4, 2007

Jayne's Bday

1st of all .. i wan say a very happy birthday to jayne . ermm .. i guess dis is the 1st time i mention Jayne in here or i may had mention but seldom . well .. just to re-introduce my cute lil fren .. she's 1 of my secondary skul classmate .. she is a cute gal who is younger than me a year .

anyway , went to her bday party today . was happy to some of the classmate there whom r ai theng , ai woon n pui sang ! n others who r like the so pohs n wei da .. n quite disappointed is dat the guys din turn out . haih . guys of 5S/2005 .. u r hopeless neh ! ekeke .. shhh shhh .. la la la

jayne's party was quite an unusual party in the way dat , they had the "lok lok" as dinner .. "lok lok" is something like steamboat but is in a truck or lorry wat u call . normally in pasar malam u can c it de . then , she oso had the Chocolate Fountain .. wah lau eh . so nice n special lah . deep the chocolate with marshmellow n banana . not bad . taste good .

then , ai theng n ai woon followed by pui sang came lu . so long din c them lerr .. so leng lui d .. (pictures of the leng lui below) . then sang bday song .. as usual .. eng version then mandarin then cantonese n even malay . swt . but mostly sang by her UTAR frens . then she is sooooooooooo lucky ! she got a car for her 18th present neh .

after tat .. the 5 of us (wei da n the 4 so pohs went yum cha lu ) .. hehehe .. cuz of something lu . not really nice to mention here cuz is fren's personal matter . so i better keep quiet in here . XD

-- Pictures --

right : kelian punya bday gal . (forgot to on night scene . so end up dark dark )
left : bday gal's BIG present ..

right : pui sang who on holiday for work in genting .. she become so white d neh !
left : pui sang , ai woon , yeanyean n ai theng .. long time no see lu ..

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