Sunday, February 25, 2007

CNY !!

yay .. at last i have time to blog about wat's been happening around me from the 1st day of cny .. so , i guess dis will b a lil longer post of all .. hope u guys have patient reading it .. ekeke .. if not .. just enjoy looking at the pics bah ..

CNY eve :
already at grandma's house in stiawan . did nothing much . watch tv whole day . went shopping at the newly open GIANT near sri manjung . ate kfc as is raining outside so cant go to the car .

at night .. watched CNY tv show by Jacky Wu .. from 8.30pm to 2.30am . at around 11.30pm , the neighbourhood start to play with fireworks . *boom boom* then at 12am , a lot of houses oso got firecrackers . *prang prang prang* it is so happening . n d sky is full with fireworks . more than wat u c during New Year . took a video . but i try to upload it if i can . XD

*far view of the fire works*
1st day of CNY :
woke up late . around 11 something i think . sshhh .. haha .. skip breakfast straight to lunch . again watch tv lu . then get angpau from mummy , daddy , auntie , uncle n grandma . yay ! ang pau ang pau . hehe . ermm .. took a nap i think . then , grandauntie came . got ang pau again ! yay ! hahaha .. nothing much on 1st day lu . roughly is like dat la .

*me with a fat fat face n blur blur look . ish ish*

2nd day of CNY :
yet again woke up late , around 9 i think . ish ish . ate breakfast then take of to Sungai Petani (SP) , Kedah . mum's hometown . reach there around 11 almost 12 . (cant rmb the time la) reach there not long , dat lionel sms-ed me saying he passed CAT ! oh ya .. dis day is also a BIG BIG n NERVOUS day for CAT n ACCA student as the result coming out . after get his msg , so fast fast go opposite the shopping centre to the internet cafe . there is roughly 4 shops . but then when went 1st time to all 4 shops , all full ! ish . tried 2nd time . then yay ! got place d . so fast fast go in n click the internet explorer lu .. but then ah .. is like SUPER SLOW ! open 1 site oso can sleep la . wuwu .
at last can open d ! wohoo ! nervous nervous . click the mail . dup dup dup . aunt was sitting bside me . n scroll down . wow ! I PASS ALL ! happy nyer . wohoo ! ask aunt help me read thru . haha . to confirm ma . yay yay ! then msg the rest ask how is it . called adelee oso . after tat , ask adelee help me confirm again . ekekeke .. dis is the BIGGEST ang pau for dis year la . muah !

3rd day of CNY :
ermm .. yet another dunno-wat-to-do day . so went opposite to the arcade with bro . played the Photo Hunt .dun know play how many times . but the highest record is 380k points . wohoo ! getting pro d . akakaka ..

*who's leg is dis ah*

*oooo .. is their leg*

4th day of CNY :
time to go back to KL . since my aunt also wana go back sg but stopping at our house 1st , so me n mum followed her car lu . while dad n bro went back 1st cuz they need to fetch my aunt at stiawan . whole day in the car sleeping lu .. ekeke . but before going back , took some pic with my cute cousin . XD
5th day n 6th day of CNY :
stayed at home . visit frens . bai nian . watch tv . ekeke . roughly like dat lu .
7th n 8th day of CNY :

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