Monday, February 5, 2007

Sickie Sick

wuwuwu .. sick sick sick . how can i sick at this time wor . wuwu . (just type this sentece oso sneeze for i think got 4 times d ) . at first i tot is just a flu . mana tau mayb cuz of sleep late oso (slept 3 hours nia ) , now my sickness to b worsen neh . from flu to cough n light headache . aih . plus hor .. my butt very pain now . tell u y in a min .

today woke up in a very dizzy mode . making decisions whether to drive or ask mummy to fetch n whether to play basketball not , as tkj say she wan exercise as she fat d worh . tkj fat then i wat . super fat kah ? wuwu . i seong sam neh . ok lu . at last decided to drive n play basketball cuz after washing face , feel much better . however , tried to speed to coll cuz dun really can concentrate on driving . just wana fast fast reach coll . ate sausage bun on the way to make myself awake lu . ekekeke .

class as usual for IS n FMC . but IS's PT1 has changed from friday to mon lu . so , chingyong thell all decided to go ceong k on fri -.-

then , after FMC , time to play basketball lu ! wohoo ! long time no play d . n oso we r lucky cuz it's not a hot day . if not i sure pengsan d lah . those who played r me , tkj , adelee , pei ting , honghong , wewe , sui yuan , wyn yan , chingyong n william . we played full court . 2 gals n 3 boys on each team . so my team got tkj , sui yuan , honghong n wewe lu . all so pro la . wuwu . make me feel so noob but at least i still manage to score few .

okok .. here the reason y my butt pain . cuz during the game , i was trying to rampas bola from itu adelee . then cuz of her fat ass pushed me .. i fell lu n terhantuk my butt . wuwuw . (adelee , no offence ya . just joking ) but she oso very good la . stop playing n teman me sit lu . ekeke . but anyway , after that every1 oso stop playing d cuz tkj sudah mau balik . so , all stop lu . n go back home . b4 go back , me , wewe , adelee , william n sui yuan went for a cold drink . ekeke .

go home with speeding again . i think william was behind me all the way at ldp but din bother much n just speed home la . cannot tahan la . tired n butt pain . haha . reached home , made a call . quite happy to had dat call lu . ekeke . anyway , really happy cuz something la . la la la . i think oni wewe knew bout it . hahaha .. ah wewe .. shhhhh ...

PS : Tax got hwk ! Tutorial 2 n 3 Q 1 , 4 n 5 . To be discuss on Saturday .

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