Sunday, March 18, 2007

Redang Trip Plan

b4 i start to blog anything .. got some comment from some new frens i knew ..

"it is so nice talking to u .. is like it have been knowing u for a long long time .. " dun really know whether i am dat frenly .. akaka .. give some comment oso bah . tyty

kk .. today's blog is just basically wat happen today . it is a very very tiring day lu ..

it's a sat yet need to wake up for the sake of tax class >.< (sshhh .. dun tell ms rozi ) then .. as usual la .. study study play play sleep sleep break break study study play play then go home lu .

akaka . but for today , din go home after class lu . cuz need to go matta fair with tkj . ekeke . y go matta fair ah . cuz both of us planning for redang trip in june ma . so go there get some info lu .

wyn yan aka fat "si lai" (auntie in canton) fetched me n tkj to kelana jaya station lu . thnz ya , wynyan . on the way , oni listen to his beloved Karen Kong's songs . but not bad ler . quite love her voice . very sweet . akaka . ermm .. then , both of us took putra lrt to masjid jamek lor . ahaha . me n tkj did something memalukan there . sshhh .. cannot b tell .

came the train . count every each station . cuz there is 10 station away . ish . sit until oso wan sleep d . zzzzz . at last oso reach ! then ask ppl how to go to star lrt . tkj so blur till ask the wrong place . akaka . ish ish . so , from putra lrt to star lrt before reaching putra lu . reach there , we just ikut the crowd . then , still lost . asked a guard then show us is just opposite . so .. walk walk .. at last . reached there . super lot ppl neh ! wuwuwu . n super hot !

inside ... also just followed the crowd . then when reached the entrance , the volunteer who working there say need to but ticket b4 going in . so need to go down again . aih . tired neh . bought the ticket of rm3 per person with a bag . n there we go ! walk around the booth n asking around for info lu . at last managed to get 1 satisfying resort . so , decided to go home la . b4 tat , bought drinks from mcd cuz too thirsty . then , took ktm home lu .

roughly like dat lu .. then me , tingting n tkj keep discussing it lu cuz need to confirm by tml as the matta fair is ending tml . n im having a headache . dun know is it becuz of the weather n tired . but im still awake at this time . ahaha . forgive me la . have to sms u guys n reply mah . akaka . tired neh . k la . better go sleep . nite ~!

Some Interesting Pic of the Day ...

- adelee -

- adelee - again

- adelee - again with tkj dis time .

the lecturers having fun during the party with the bongbong dere

tingting in sher huey's house playing piano with chinchin supervising . akaka .


Christine said...

nice pic!ekeke

k@hy3@n said...

ahaha .. ty ty ..
la la la ..

alan8266 said...

eh... me no bong bong la,... u dong dong..... why dumb dumb not dumb dumb wan... u super duper big dong dong