Monday, January 31, 2011

Jess Lee Jia Wei Boleh, Malaysia Boleh

If you ever watched the popular singing competition host in Taiwan, One In Million, I am sure you had the same feelings as me for all 7 seasons. I mean, they really produced very good singers when it comes to the final. So as the 7th season which just ended an hour ago.

This time, the champion, Jess Lee comes from Malaysia. She not only has made us proud but she really is one great talent in singing. Especially for the last 2 stage of the competition, all 4 of her songs not only touches my heart but also the judges. I am really proud of her so does every Malaysian who is watching it. =)

Here is the last 4 songs that she has performed. Try telling me it is NOT good. I guarantee you'll be amazed with her great powerful voice. =) And she successfully get 30 points i.e the max for all 4 songs !!!!

Again, she amazed everyone tonight and made a great ending to this competition . =)

Can't wait for her album soon !!


Bravebear said...

thx for the vids... I didn't get to watch it live T__T

Can post some links to the others singing? I really want to watch them.

k@hy3@n said...

yes .. u can watch the it from this link .. =D