Sunday, January 2, 2011

Memories of 2010

I've been wanting to have a post on this. Now, that I am motivated to do a blog post, so here I am ...

Well, 2010 definitely has been a roller coaster year for me. From the early of 2010, which I was stressed and unhappy about life to the end of 2010, that I am fully satisfied and happy about my life. Like everyone, many things do happen in between of that.

For me, the highlights in 2010 that is worth noting it down, it's the great people that I met. Like them.

Nonetheless, I myself has changed quite a lot ! In terms of body size hairstyle . XD

I think my face do look a bit more "sharper" now .. say YES pls .. XD

Lastly but not least, my life would not be great without them.

Them who always be there for each other and never failed to make your day colourful.

Oh oh ! Refering back to my previous post, this are the 2 best buddy that I mentioned about.

Their name is on the bottom right. Technically, the photo is from their iPhone. Thus, the word "by". Both of them has also been a great friend to me although we hardly meet up but we do keep in touch almost daily. I sincerely want to thank them for being the best listener whenever I needed one. Although as days gone by, each of us are busy with our own daily life and activities, we never failed to say a simple Hi. =)

Well, hope to see you guys again soon !!!

That's about my 2010. Probably there's more sweet memories more than this that I did not mention here like spending time with my family but everything is safely kept inside my mind and heart which I believe I have pen it down here in the blog of my everyday activity.

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wjingyi said...

Where's ur 2nd sis pic?