Saturday, January 26, 2013

Running Man

I've heard for this name quite sometimes but never had chance to watch it till recently when one of my friend was like recommending to me to watch. So, I decided to look for it and try to watch. It's a Korean variety show, well it's something like Amazing Race where you have to run around to complete certain given tasks.

After watching few episodes, I got to say that I'm really addicted to it. Simply because the celebrities (where eventually 7 of them are permanent to the show) are just so funny enough. I could never stop laughing. Whether it's all were put for show or it's just them, but I can felt it's just them. There's not much of faking in it. Another great part of the show is that, they would go around places mostly in Korea, but in the show, you'll also get to introduced to the nice places, what are the popular things in that place, the history of it. So you actually get to learn a lot about the places.

To those of you all who has never watch it, here's some of the episodes that I manage to found in YouTube. Pls enjoy :D

Episode 1 - A good introduction to all the celebrities.

Episode 8

Episode 14

Basically all episodes are just interesting and funny. And each episodes they would have special guests, even celebrities like Big Bang, Boa etc appeared for the show. :D I personally like Kim Jyong Kook and Lee Guang Su. Obviously Jyong Kook for his smart brain and physically trained body and Guang Su for always kena bully ... Lol ... xD

Yes, I insist that you all who are reading this MUST watch the above videos and get yourself addicted to it..  I watched it at PPS, so that's a number of early episodes I missed as it is not available in PPS. But  it's good for a start to watch la.. 

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