Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Journey of Love Back to Nature (Tannah Aina)

So, my 2013 begun with a torturing relaxing family treat INTO the forest located in Bentong, Pahang.

I wasn't expecting to be a nice comfy retreat. But unexpectedly, it's just awesome. My bro couldn't keep saying that this retreat is for city people who want to feel adventurous but still within their comfort zone like the cleaniness. LOL .. 

Reason is because they just have, I could call it as 5 star chalet that you can choose from. If you prefer a more adventurous, you can actually opt for TENT. But still the tent has bed .. LOL LOL !!! Well, at least still can experience the feeling of staying in a tent la .. :P

Some of the activities that they have is river trekking where you would have to wet yourself crossing some rivers, then at the end of the point, where you'll be able to do the Leap of Faith. Well, basically is just a platform jump la .. And me with all my courage, for the first time of my life, i did the platform jump .. Honestly, it's quite scary looking from the top, but the feeling of jumping into the water, it's just superb !! Except the butt hurts xD Thanks to my weird pose when jumping .. T_T

Then, at night, we got to walk for about 10 minutes or so to a small hill, manage to just lie there and watch the beautiful sky with all the stars blinking at me .. It's just so nice that I wished I could capture the stars with my phone. But too bad just couldn't :(

The best part of all that I love this place is that, whether you opt for tents or chalet, it is located just next to the river. So it's like you can just jump into the river anytime.

It's really good for us who are tired of the noise in the city to make a weekend escape. Highly recommend you to go there just to relax your mind and body. I really don't mind going there again. :D

Some of the photos that I manage to capture using phone. Didn't bring my camera. Sobz .. Should have just brought it ..

As there's 4 of us, so we got the biggest chalet which is also called Master Chalet Ulam Raja

Very english feel kan !!!! And oh .. found this very kyuttt lor ..

Outside of the room,

Just imagining sitting down here with a novel, a cup of hot coffee listening to sound of the nature .. Perfecto ~!

Just a few steps down and can enjoy the cold river water .. Isn't it the water so clear ... Well preserved .. Apparently these are the only few rivers in Pahang which are not polluted .. Sobs .. It's kinda sad to hear about how pollution has destroyed all these nice environment ..

View from river of our chalet :D

And that's another chalet which is called the Honeymoon Chalet .. Probably is smaller kut ..

Another side of river where most tents are based on ..

The tent ...

As Tannah Aina is an organisation with its ultimate objective of promoting environment awareness, in the night, they showed us a video of how badly the mountains and hills of Pahang area has been affected which apparently is not showed in the mainstream media. As I watching it, I do really feel sad looking at it how most of the hills was gone, exploding by those constructions. :(

Anyway, to all city kids and friends out there, I seriously recommend you to here just for a weekend escape. Trust me, you'll love it. 

More info about Tanah Aina: CLICK HERE FOR LINK

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