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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek - Day 1 and 2

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Hello there all my readers .. (Well, I hope my readers are still here considering the lazy blogger has not been actively blogging T_____T .. With the rate I'm blogging, probably the only reader is me maself)

Wondering where I have been? As the titles says, Kashmir !!! Where's Kashmir, It's somewhere in India which is very near to the border of Pakistan. Need visualisation? Go google maps. okthanks.

Anyway, of all pending travel post, I got to blog about this first. Why, my biggest fan reader, daddy (OH, I still have another one reader :P) insisted me to blog about it first .. So here it goes. Enough of the long winded introduction after not blogging for i-dunno-how-long ..

I personally never in this life would ever think that I'm gonna do a trekking, camping, living with the nature for the longest day .. FYI, it's a 7 days trekking trip .. Cannot believe I'm that adventorous right .. Well, at least now I can proudly telling everyone I did it .. So, if you considering of doing this trek too, which I highly recommend you should too at least one time in your whole life, please kindly scroll down of my journey at Kashmir Great Lakes Trek ..


Day 1 (Base Camp at Sonamarg)

We flew into India to Srinagar via Airasia, then had connecting flight to Delhi then to Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) *side note: AA pls consider flying direct to Delhi* We did stayed one night in Srinagar due to the flight and traveling time. So, on the arrival at Kashmir, which would be Day 1 of the adventure. Our adventure actually begin after we touch down at airport, not even reaching the base camp.

From the airport, we travelled about 3 hours to the base camp located at Sonamarg (7,800ft) with this jeep.

Well, we probably didn't had the good feeling at the beginning of the journey .. So, it does ....

This is not the first time the jeep had its flat tire .. It's the second time i.e. the spare tire also went flat T_T So, our 3 hours journey probably drag into 4 or 5 hours journey. By the time, we reach the base camp, it's already dark that I can't even see where's the camp ... We thought we were the unlucky ones and would be the last to reach, who knows, there's another 2 jeep behind us actually had even bigger problem, one of them had its jeep's break spoiled or something like that ..

A beautiful town while we were stranded at the road side waiting for the driver to change his tyre

As said, we reached the base camp already dark, did some packing to put aside those clothings that are not needed for the trekking and had our first dinner out at the nature. Oh yeah, you got to bring your own utensils and tupperware and mug. And you'll have beans, potatoes, rice, puri and chapati for most of the meals in the mountain. So, probably for those meatarian out there, you better start getting use to the leaves and grass to chew on.

Day 2 (Sonamarg to Nichnai) 

Woke up in the morning around 530 a.m when the skies already getting bright, had our teeth brushing at the river side. Finally get to see what is actually at my surrounding of the base camp.

I hope the photos are enough to tell how amazing are the scenery ... 

That's the tent where the porters, guide, cook who will be with us for the rest of 7 days stay.

So, after the fresh air and wonderful scenary at the base camp, we begin our journey which I honestly can say it's probably the beginning of my nightmare T__________T

Was still excited and hyper at this moment .. After less than 30 mins later, when I reach here, I probably  had the regret feeling of coming here ...

It's not suppose to be tough with this kind of trail but I honestly blame for training not enough the thin air that I have not get used to it .. So, I did suffer a lot on my first day of walking .. Every 5 steps I probably took 5 mins rest .. Huhuhuhuhuhu ...

Some of the photos that I still had the energy to take at the earlier of the day ..

We were supposed to trek for another an hour before our lunch rest stop ... But we were just too tired to trek fruther, decided to stop at here for our lunch .. 

Further down of this river stream is where we suppose to stop for lunch .. So near yet so far ~~

*probably this is how look at that point of time -_-*

After 740844092848930394 of walking steps, finally reach the camp ... :')

I literally died on the first day and the only thing kept playing in my head is .. How the hell I am going to survive for the next 6 days ~~~ God, please help me T___________T

So, this is my first 2 days of the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek .. Probably you are wondering where is the LAKES .. Well, I also did wondered .. I felt like I got conned .. 

OK .. My post seems to be getting more depressing .. LOL .. But, to be honest, first day was probably my toughest trek that I felt because of the air and thanks to my lazybumfornothavingtrainingenough ... Shall continue for the remaining 6 days of journey which i PROMISE it'll be much more INTERESTING that this one .. Will blog it very soon !!!

To end this, have you ever wonder how does a mule sleeps?

Here you go ..

Goodnight blogasphere ~~ Promise I'll be back real soon ...

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