Monday, February 17, 2014

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek - Day 8 [FINAL]

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Last one last one !!!!

Basically is the last day trekking down to civilisation and somehow in mind that we are going to have a comfy bed and nice shower, we tend to sorta enjoy the trek a little bit .. LOL .. I mean mentally .. Like suddenly we are just stress-free .. Or we just finally get used with all the trekking, the tiredness and everything but it's time to say goodbye already ..

Leaving the camp that we stayed for last 2 nights that was quite an emotional night ... Goodbye is always the hardest thing to say but the memories will also be there in our mind ..

Btw, crossing that not-so-fat of tree trunk with my bagpack and holding walking stick, it's kinda scary  and kept having this in mind like what-if i fall into river ..

On the other side of the river, a Switzerland-look-alike scenary is waiting for us .. Just so nice la ... Not much of ascending today mainly are on flat roads and 2 - 3 hours of descending .. Kinda hurting the knee and toes tho ..

The sky were so blue and grass were so green that we cannot don't stop for some photos .. A last photo of us on the Great Kashmir :D

Then, we walk into rows of trees ... Into forest like trek ...

Cooling trek but damn lots of rocks la .. I officially hate walking on rocks .. Make me paranoid when jumping from one to another afraid that I will just slip and fall =.="

Half way through, come across this not-sure-what-is-that and I thought I'm in Rome .. Hahahaha ..

But my guess is a house for the Gypsy staying around kut ... Hrmmm ...

Then walked for about another 2 hours before we reach to a small guest house where we actually got to order Maggie Mee .. Yeah, you read it right .. Maggie Mee !!! We were so bored of mountain-top dhall with chapati liked food, of course we all chose to pay for the Maggie Mee .. kekeke .. Until it's sold out .. Luls .. Typical Malaysian who were craving for Malaysian food, i think Maggie Mee is one of the cravings this time xD

Not sure why it's called hotel cz errr I don't see rooms .. I would rather call it as a rest stop lor ... And caught this pretty Kashmir ladies on top of the "hotel" looking at the happenings ...

Yush, they looked concern on what was happening, so do I .. One of our team mate, who has always been the top in the trek i.e. first to go, first to arrive the camp .. She actually injured herself during our rock climbing day, 2 days ago but did not tell anyone about her injury .. Somehow her injury sort of got worst on our last day that makes her back (I think) hurt so much that every step she actually shouted so badly ... :( Feel bad when she refused to be on the stretcher and be carried down the mountain as she wanted to finish the trek on her own foot ... But after much persuasion by all of us (not me), she finally give in to be carried down ... :) As much I admire her sportsmanship, I'm even more glad that after seeing doctor when we were down the flat ground, she's find .. Did not hurt the spinal cord ... :))

Btw, these porter and the guide is just so awesome lor .. While carrying her down the mountain which is on a zig-zag trek, they still can sing all the way down .. LOL .. Free radio ma ... I WANT TO BE CARRIED LA !!!! LOL ....

Yeah, that pretty much how we ended our trek .. Reached the based camp and van (taxi) came carried us away to Srinagar town to stay in boat house .... We were probably just too tired that I left my beloved trekking shoe and dad left his walking stick in the car T__________T

Shall blog about things to bring on the next post !!!!! Learnt from experience must share with all ma !! :D

For all of you who have been following my journey of the trek, hope you all love it !!!! *syoksendiri telling myself there's hundreds of readers here* :P

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