Monday, February 17, 2014

The Cafe by Photo Crafts


CNY has ended 2 days ago together with Valentine's Day and I should get my engine moving on my blog and photography !!!!

Recently, I've loved to exploring new cafe in town that I think I should start sharing here with whoever is going to read my blog here .. LOL .. But yeah, few days ago I was told by my mom that one of her colleague was googling on a place and my blog came out in the Google (Thanks GOOGLE! Love ya!!! Give u 90830192830921830123 of kissess) and was giving positive feedback on how they love I blog. Just so duper happy la ... I always thought I'm the only reader here .. HAHAHA ...

OK OK .. For the love of whoever is reading it ... Here's my new post !!!

Shall share about this cafe that I recently went with my so po that I almost went crazy ...

Why? You say?

After climbing some steps, my first view of the shop is this .. And the first thing that caught my eye are things on the right ... All camera related stuff !!!! laksjdkalsjdlkasjdlkasjdlkasdjas

The surroundings ..

Quite a spacious cafe and just super love the settings la ..

It was quite late when we were there so we just order coffee for a drink and chit chat and of course having me drooling over the displays they have ...

Even the thing that put the toothpicks also come in a film shaped .. Why so cute !!! Almost wanted to put that in my bag quietly without people knowing ... :X

Had latte and I find it's quite good for a price of about RM10 ah, i think .. Can't remember d .. Ooppss ..

Heh .. Sorry on the food and drinks review part .. But I'm just seriously too obsess with the stuffs below ..

This shop which is by Photo Crafts are mainly into lomography so of course the cameras they have are lomo cameras. Oh, and on the 3rd floor of the cafe (simply because they are located on the 2nd floor of shophouses) they have retail too selling all the lomo camera and other camera related stuff like diary, photo album .. They also sell Instax camera ..

Here's the look of the retail at 3rd floor .. So vintage and so many camera that if only I can buy all ... :(

I wasn't into lomo camera so that night I did learnt something about lomo camera or at least the brands they have ...

Just so vintage and so cute lor !!!! I want i want !!!!

Love the middle one ... KEEP CALM & JUST BUY .. hahaha .. *breathe in breathe out*

Some ideas that I'm definitely going to steal to put in my room as I've been wanting to wash out some of the nice photos that I've been taking and put in on my room's wall ..

Not bad hor the idea .. *steals*

So, for all the photography lovers .. I super highly recommend you all to go there to have some drinks ke .. Hehehe .. Promise will go back there to properly have their foods and drinks .. :P It's a nice place to chill out cuz it's spacious and cosy ...

Here's the location after having me blabering on how awesome is the cafe ! LOL ..

  • 26-2 & 3, 
  • PJU 5/15, 
  • Dataran Sunway, 
  • Kota Damansara, 
  • 47810 Petaling Jaya, 
  • Malaysia.

And btw, all photos taken here are with my new baby phone, Xperia Z1 .. :D

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