Sunday, January 26, 2014

CNY Preparation

Oh emm gee !! Oh emm gee !!!

Few more days and it's CNY already !!! I have been having serious procastination for the past few weekends .. I know I have many things to be done on the weekend but somehow I always end up with just lazying on the bed feeding myself with all the nonsense, forgetting all my hard work at gym during the weekends ... *sigh*

So, how's your CNY preparation??

Honestly, this year's CNY has been really rushing in the sense that it seems that doesn't have much time for preparation. After welcoming 2014, we have exactly about 1 month to CNY. The shopping complex seems to be slow into CNY mood, so does the mandarin oranges ... I also didn't have much of CNY mood until, maybe this week? Anyway, I think i've pretty much prepared for CNY :D

Let's see ...

1. New clothes - CHECKED

Btw, just fyi, these are all purchased from Pasar Pagi (Morning Market) nearby my house. All these are bought with an average of RM20 per piece .. So awesome and cheap right !!! Yes, I don't mind you call me cheapo ... As long as I can get good and cheap stuff, I'm happy ... And at least I don't feel heart pain if I only wear or use them few times before throwing away .. But nahh .. normally I'll kept till they probably are spoilt or cannot be worn ... :D

This year didn't really shop much but still wish that I can get few a pair of new heels .. Heh .. At least to complete from head to toe ma ...

2. New hair - CHECKED

Talking about head .. Of course must do something to my hair .. As I wana keep my hair long for at least another year .. So, gonna do some colouring .. And I really thank to Buddha for letting me to know all the awesome people in this world that I get to do my hair at the most cheap price that I ever paid for ...

Brown? Of course not .. This colour is so dull and common .. :P

OH OH !! Btw, I so super love my new phone lorrr .. See this photo of my hair taken with my new phone, Sony Xperia Z1 ... The details of it .. Aiyohhh .. So damn clear .... *hippo butt shaking*

And here's my new hair colour !!!

Nice not nice not !!!! 

Front, left, right and back ..

I think this is the best colour that I ever seen and done on myself la .. Super really thanks to my hairstylist T_T *touched to the max*


This year decided to just do a simple deco at home ... 

As simple as this ... Just to have the house some CNY feel .. Of course put some mandarin oranges and cookies around the house is also very CNY feel d .. LOLOL ...

4. CNY cookies - CHECKED

What is CNY if u do not have fats in the house !! hahaha . This year I tried frying some aerohead chips, crabstick and seaweed crisps. Kind of failure as it turn out soft and not crispy except for seaweed crisps :(




And my mum has this obsession .. hahaha .. Obsession over this ...

Every year this time round, the market would be full of this, and mummy would actually collect this, known as Kuih Bakul or "nian gao" in mandarin ... She will buy i think it's enough for us to eat for a year d lor .. xD

When I start eating this, will take a photo of how do we eat it, k? But this is one of my favourite yummy food ... It's made of glutinous rice and brown sugar (if i'm not wrong as I don't really do baking or cooking, I just eat).

That's about it .. Pretty much ready for CNY to come and collect ang pau !! Wohoooo .. !!! HAHAHAHA ...

So, how's your CNY preparation so far? ^_^

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