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Kashmir Great Lakes Trek - Day 6 and 7

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Day 6 - (Satsar / 12,000 ft to Gangabal Twin Lakes / 11,500ft)

Each day, somehow we were given a challenge to overcome it .. There's no one day that we could actually say that's it is an easy trek ... Well, at least for me .. So, today's challenge it's rock .. Literally rock climbing la ..

Can you see the rock ... this is literally how high we went up with these rocks ... There are big ones, shaky ones .. It's really scary la ... But really thank god that I've got these 2 guides, George and Tashi who were there with us the whole time ..

Actually there's a easier route to reach the top but since it's good weather, the leader decided to let us try the some rock climbing .. Like seriously =.=!

Whatever it is .. I'm gonna take the challenge !!

The rocky path took me about an hour or almost 2 hours and we actually are walking on legs and hands to climb up :O Just so not ready for this la ... After we passed this, we have to climb for i-dont-know-how-far before we can reach the top ... As I was just so exchausted after the rocky part, it took me longer time to reach the top and I was the last to reach ... T_T

Tough but we made it !!!

On the other side of pass, we have this amazing view of lakes, the Gangabal twin lakes,

This is the view all the way down and we are heading to the lake, the right side one ... Descending is definitely a no problem with me but people who has knee problem may face some difficulty here ..

About an hour or 2 again to reach our camp site .. The yellow tents are our camps :D Since it's near, we took our time to enjoy the scenary ..

Somehow love this artistic shot of the snow mountain with the lake ... :)

At this camp, we are staying 2 nights .. So yay !! No trekking on the next day but just relaxing day .. Wheettt !!!

Here's myself with one of our guide, George .. He's just 20 but very helpful person ..

Day 7 -  (Gangabal Twin Lakes / 11,500ft)

Today, we get to have a "free and easy" day where no trekking is required .. So, of course gonna take thousands of photos that I did not take much for the past few days .. Kekekek

Here's some morning shots of the surroundings .. I honestly think even my photos don't do enough justice of how beautiful is the place ..

One of the lake that is just few metres away from us .. 

Few of our group members decided to descend today as well joining the other group who are going back already .. It's really nice having them although most of the time they are at the front of the trek and I'm always the last .. 

The doctor couple .. They are just so amazing ...

After saying goodbye to them, the remaining decided to go to the other lake for some shower .. I wanted to follow but I've finally down with flu and cough, so I decided to take some pills and rest in the tent .. But here's a photo that daddy took of the lake .. This lake is also known as the holy lake where the locals believe that if you wash yourself here, you would was away all your sins .. Sads, I've still has my sins .. 

So happy to be able to play in the water after days of not having proper bath ...

After my nap, saw these big herds of sheep passing thru our camp ..

Hehe .. the kids are just so cute ...

And look how these sheeps cross the river !!!

So discipline !!

The granny would sort of command her sheeps to keep crossing and they are just so obedient lor ..

*meeeehhhhh .. i'm the chief !! meeehhhh*

More shots of the river view

The day is just so long that we are going everywhere to take picture .. LOL .. Cooling air to just chill around, some play cards some just sit around chatting ..

And oh .. Cz today was the 30th August, so we actually celebrated Merdeka Day by singing our national anthem "Negaraku" and we even did countdown following Msian time .. We will still love our home no matter where we are, how much complains we have for the governtment .. 

Group photo of us with the crew .. and also Happy Independence Day to Malaysia !!!!

During the night, we even had campfire and had the biggest feast since this will be our last night of the trekking .. But what's most touching is, on top of a mountain, the cook can actually come out with this for us .. T______T

 It's made of carrot and raddish .. So pro neh !! and so pretty to be eaten ..

And also this cake for 2 of our member as they celebrated the birthday here on the Himalaya .. This cake seriously made a lot of us esp the 2 men also tears :')

The one in green shirt, he's the cook and he made it all .. including the awesome cake !!!

Baking a cake without an oven or flour .. Just goats milk and not sure what else ... He'll be a great chef if he's given the opportunity .. He's young but he could cook delicious food .. Really really thanks to him that we got to have nice food along these 7 days trek ... Thank you very muchhh ....

After the food, of course we are gonna be partying (for a while) to celebrate our success and also as a gratitude to Indiahikes for the helpfulness and friendliness that they are not here just to work but also as a friends .. 

Here's a short video of them singing one of their local songs .. A song that meant a lot to me that I will never forget .. 


Angie said...

It brings back fond memories of our trip and especially the special bonding we had with the indiahikes staffs.

Krishna Bhat said...

Well narrated. Good photos too. I treked this July with TTH. Unforgettable memories. Details here.