Friday, December 27, 2013

Bandung, Indonesia

This is a super long overdue post .. This gonna be on the trip to Bandung that I went in end of 2011 ..

And now it's already coming to the end of 2013 .. Seriously -.-

With the help of god of photos, will try to remember as much details as I can of the trip .. And because it's just a short weekend trip, so thank god there's nothing much of activities we did except for shopping .. LOLOL .. Anyway, one of the place that is worth the visit is definitely the active volcano known as "Tangkuban Perahu".

Before that, on our way to the volcano site, we stop by at this Wilujeng Sumping Restaurant for some authentic Indonesian food ..

We ordered the famous tempe, fried fish and i-dont-rmb anymore because I don't have photos with me simply because I only remember the food was not near to me and by the time it came to me, it's already half eaten, so no food pictures !!

Lime Juice .. Apparently is one of the popular drink in Bandung .. They called it "Es something" :X

Failed in recalling my memory .. *sigh* 

Main reason why I needed to blog all my life event !!!

Ok .. Back to the topic .. So after our decent lunch .. We continue our journey to our main itenary of the trip ..

Amazing scenary !

And we also decided to trek down into that hot pool of sulfur water hot spring ... And I are not prepared for trekking, I only wore like slipper .. So, after the trekking, my slipper actually gone as in spoiled and gotta buy a temporary flip flop .. Booo ...

Me with the young gor gor and jie jie :D

On our way .. we saw this man was doing some carving .. And to our surprise, the woods are just so special that they actually have patterns on it !!

So magical horrrr .. First time seeing wood skin with patterns one leh ...

Some of the scenary along our trek down to the hot spring ..

 Tree trunk that has a big hiding place .. Luls ..


 So near yet so far

 Im going down down down down ~~

I think we trek for about an hour half before we reach to the hot spring site .. And it's spa time !!!

They even have people to help you do the massage .. hehehe .. Nice nice ... Of course you have to pay la .. But it's not expensve and don't ask me how much k .. Probably by now the price would have been inflated also la ..

 Selfie level: Mud spa

 Daddy so happy with his smooth leg now .. LOLOL ..

And there's another pool it's so hot that you thought soon it'll gonna explode soon ..

PS: Pls dont jump into that .. You probably be melt .. But it's just awesome for some hard boiled egg ...

Then, we had dinner at this awesome place at Kampung Daun .. Totally love the ambience and the food .. Just awesome :D And highly recommend to come in at night for the feel ~

LOL .. My new colourful flip flop xD

It's so jungle feel with the sound of the flowing river .. Just very cooling and romantic lor .. And if you are wondering if there's mosquito, well, I don't remember me complaining about it considering I'm wearing shorts ...

The foods all with the famous ayam penyet .. YUMZZZZZZ ...

Ayam penyet is like the main dish while the rice are the sides .. LOL .. Although some of the pictures looks the same actually they are not ... The rice comes in different type, some are plain white rice, some are like pulut, some with things inside the rice .. Overall, all is nice the chicken is just so crunchy and yummy !!

Although Bandung was a known place for shopping as all the factory outlets are based here, I wasn't really the shopper type, so thus I don't have much comments about the price and fashion .. I find it OK and not to say cheap also .. So forgive me for that .. But of course I cannot lose out, I do shops some bags and shirts too .. LOL .. 

Shopping and food .. I'll choose food ... Heh ..

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