Monday, December 16, 2013

My mid-December 2013 Happenings

Woah ... Was just looking at my recent posts, I seems to be just blogging about Kashmir Trek and that also took me like what .. 3 months ??!! One month one post ??!! So fail leh me ... But ok, to be honest, I did became lazy in updating my blog, not until recently I discover a new app that allow me to do mobile blogging which then let me do post my daily life and feelings (which again not so much things to write also =.=!) ..

So maybe in that case, this blog may be a SLIGHTLY more informative blog as in about my travel ? Heh .. Maybe by doing, I could attract more readers too .. LOLOL *syiok sendiri*

So here's some of the happenings for myself for the past few weeks :D

1. Attended one of my very good friend that I know at work wedding at Westin Hotel

Lovely couple .. Wishing them happily ever after and they have the best ever wedding dinner ever i.e. buffet dinner !! It was really something different for a chinese traditional sit down dinner .. Though we sort of just went ahead with the foods without having the couple to have official walk in .. LOL ... And this bride, I felt like she is the usherer more than a bride herself =.=!! But love her to the maxxx !! Hehehe .. Seriously, I don't know where else you can find a more hyper bride than her .. :P Hope she don't read this .. LOL

Just us !! Have i told u that she's my best of the bestie that we are the known couple :P

Totally love this picture of us with the bride .. Everyone just look so pretty and happy here :D Thanks to buaybee Wern for the photo ..

2. Being one of the JiMui to the Bride

It is definitely an honour when someone asked you to be their bridesmaid aka ji mui in cantonese because that mean they see you as one of their important close friends in their mind .. And our theme was red :D

 Sheeshhh .. My arm looks damn big here !!

Love contract done by ME !! Yay to ME !!! 

3. Attended EAT annual dinner

Who's EAT? It stands for Evergreen Adventure Team. I'm not an adventure person, so how do I get to be in this group? All thanks to Kashmir Trek that by mutual of dad's friend, we got to know some of the most awesome people .. :D

Think my collage that I posted in Instagram pretty much sums up how awesome these people are .. The dinner theme was Kashmir Night, kinda regret that I did not dressed in according to the theme .. Cz it was kind of last minute that dad informed me about the theme and that time I was having exam, so didn't really had much mood to think of it .. 

Pretty much a happening December for me :D With a hopefuly feeling, everything's gonna turn good and great for me from this season of love onwards ..

Ending the post with gingerbread man !! Heh .. This weekend's target to go malls for more christmas deco photos !!!

Smile like him :D

Nights peeps ~

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