Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's a Wrap (Almost) for 2013

Seriously, it's already mid-way to December .. And in few blinks of an eye, I will be in year 2014 .. Yet again, 2013 has been a lot of ups and downs for myself but I seems to be at bottleneck coming into 2nd half of the year ..

So here's some highlights of my 2013

1. My year started with the biggest commitment that I ever made where I got myself a new car and a house ^_^ Of course, all these can't be done without help for my parents .. So, I'm really in big debt now .. Huhuhuhu ... But on the brighter side, at least I've secured myself with a property .. :)

2. Trekking to Himalaya in Kashmir .. My another biggest achievement for the year .. For a inactive sport person like me, I honestly couldn't believe that I can do it, but well I did it .. I'm not sure I will do another one in future but hopefully I will .. As a motivation for me to be more physically fit by training myself up ..

Probably this 2 is my biggest achievement in this year .. On the downside, my biggest disappointment would come from work .. I honestly can't believe I was penalise for things that I think it's beyond my control .. Just because people has perception on you .. This is also my biggest life lesson at work .. Don't ever just let people take advantage of you ..

Because of this, it has really made me feeling depressed for the past few days ..

2013 is coming to an end and I hope in 2014, I will prove those people wrong !!! Done it on me once is more than enough ... There will be no 2nd time ..

As for 2014, thus far, hasn't has any things for me to look forward but I'm sure it'll be a better year than now .. :)

On a side note, can't wait to go around malls to take photos of the Christmas deco but thinking of the crowds, I chose to just hibernate at home :X Maybe with that, I can be more active in updating my long expired blog post .. xD

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