Sunday, January 4, 2015

Resolution of 2015

I've never really list out my resolution for each year because I knew I wouldn't take it seriously and never look back if I have achieved it or not. But this year, I decided that I will list out things I want to achieve specifically and I'll make sure that I make a check back.

So, here's my 2015 resolution. Will be as SMART as possible.

1. To get diving license. This has been in mind since last year but has not been properly put in action. So, this year going to achieve. Will definitely plan it out once I get back from my trip next week.

2. To be actively involved in voluntarily work. Also again, always been in mind things I want to do and procrastination always diverted me. I was randomly surfing the World Vision's website and came to know that I could actually signed up for volunteer work. So, yep, that will be my starting point. I hope there's other site that I could refer to for voluntarily work.

3. To be part of the Nikon Club and be actively involved in photography. I sort of successfully joined one of the activity organised by Nikon Club specifically for ladies. I think it's a good start. Hope there's more event that I can join in.

4. To at least update the blog four times a month.. There's definitely a lot of pending trip post that I would like to share here other than as a memory foot trail for myself. As for my daily ramblings, I would keep it in another venue.

5. To read at least one book a month. I need to bring back my reading habit and also to finish all my un-touched books that I've been keeping to buy.

These are probably the Top 5 things that I would want to achieve this year and hopefully by then to be an ongoing things like my travel aims i.e. to travel to a new place/ country at least once a year. This, I've overly achieved quota. ^_^Y So, it's been taken out from my resolution list and it's more of what sort of places that I would want to visit for the year.

Last but not least, to be as, if not more, happy and healthy as last year. :)

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